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The SEA16 lightsaber is the perfect saber for cospaly or combat. A unique design to make a difference. 


The blade and charging cord are included with the saber.



1. Connect your smartphone to your lightsaber with the appXENO CONFIGURATOR

ATTENTION!! We do not support requests regarding all manipulations and configurations of this option.



Blade Colors: Endless Colors

Light effects: flash on clash, blaster shot, lock-up.

Sound mode: high, normal and quiet volume.

Blade Effects: 3 flicker modes

Sound banks: 16 different original sound modes. Kylo Ren, Darksaber (Mandalorian), General Grivious, Darth Vader, Leia, Count Doku, Cal Kestis, Darth Sidious, Rey... and up to 34 with themicro SD card V3.

Hands-free switching on and off (without using the ignition button)

Flash on clash can be disabled.

New: Order the optionalmicro SD card v3to increase the capabilities of your saber (more sound banks 34 instead of 16, possibility of adding music. We do not support requests concerning all manipulations on your card)


the internal kit includes:

-HP: 2-3W

-sound card: Darkwolf

-3.7V battery (10A for the neopixel version)

-charging port

-light switch

-9-12w RGB LED or neopixel connector kit


Possible options:

-saber support

-additional battery

-blade cap (the model may vary depending on available stocks).


Size: 27cm

handle weight: 325g

Blade socket: 6.5cm


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